FullThought teaches and facilitates focused conversation. We believe good outcomes come from thoughtful planning of a conversation and a disciplined approach to hearing all voices. Core components of our approach includes the following:

Naming Conversation Objectives

Often unnamed and sometimes competing objectives drive the energy of conversations. FullThought works with conversation planners to name an objective that clarifies the intention of the conversation and works to combine the interests of all parties. 

Logistics Planning

FullThought approaches are based on a faith in the genius of diverse voices. Design consideration can be offered for groups as small as 7; mid size groups of up to 21; or large group conversations of 50-200.

Designing the Questions

Well thought out and agreed on questions can keep the conversation on track, inspire thoughtful contributions and reduce the amount of time we spend over stating things trying to get folks to our frame of reference. FullThought works with a small planning team representing the various perspectives in the conversation to agree on the questions prior to the conversation.


There are times when an outside facilitator can accomplish things those intimately involved can not. Other times it is better to allow conversations to be facilitated by those already rooted in the issue or conversation. This dimension can be explored during initial consultation with FullThought and will be best determined on a case by case basis. FullThought can provide facilitation, coach facilitation prior to the conversation, or facilitate as a training method to prepare others in a group to take over this role when ready.

Co-facilitation is also available with an additional FullThought facilitator. Co-facilitation is a powerful way to bring additional languages, diversity of life experience, and diversity of culture to the table and often enriches the outcome of the conversation.

Summary Notes

All conversations facilitated by FullThought will include typed summary notes of key thoughts and contributions to support a team or a group’s further reflection and planning.